Records of AIDS related statistics from several countries.
aids, death, disease, hiv, orphans, health, countries, world, gender, united nations, un


Information about flight delays in major aiports since 2003.
airplane, airports, travel, plane, air, flights, delays, national, united states, transportation


Information about over 2000 billionaires from around the world.
money, rich, wealthy, people, person, billionaire


This library holds data about Broadway shows, such as tickets sold.
broadway, musical, theatre, tickets

Business Dynamics

The Business Dynamics Statistics (BDS) includes measures of establishment openings and closings, firm startups, job creation and destruction by firm size, age, and industrial sector, and several other statistics on business dynamics for the US.
government, united states, us, usa, business, businesses, firms, establishments, jobs, census


Cancer crude rate totals for different ages, races, genders, and geographical areas across the United States.
cancer, death, states, gender, race, population, crude rate


This is a dataset about cars and how much fuel they use.
cars, vehicles, fuel


Records and computed statistics about the top 1000 books on Project Gutenberg.
classics, books, texts, text, book, classic, english, shakespeare, literature, novel, language, composition, writing, author, publication, words

Construction Permits

This dataset provides data on the number and valuation of new housing units authorized by building permits.
construction, permits, us, united states, america, government, buildings, private, units, valuation, housing

Construction Spending

Estimates of the total dollar value of construction work done in the U.S.
construction, spending, us, united states, america, government, buildings, residential, non-residential, private, public

County Crime

Records about the crime rates and totals for US counties over time.
crime, burglary, larceny, motor, property, violent, assault, murder, rape, robbery

County Demographics

Demographic information for counties in the United States.
demographics, population, age, ethnicity, race, language, education, foreign, households, income, employment, unemployment, sales, land area, counties

Drug Bank

The DrugBank database is a cheminformatics resource that combines detailed drug data with comprehensive drug target information.
drugs, drug, drugbank, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, proteins


This dataset is about substance abuse (cigarettes, marijuana, cocaine, alcohol) among different age groups and states.
drugs, substances, drug usage


Records from different earthquake occurences across the world.
earthquakes, nature, disaster, magnitude, richter scale, latitude, longitude


Information about K-12 education for different states, collected from the US government.
school, education, K-12, kindergarten, learning, teaching


A breakdown of how each county voted in the 2016 Presidential primaries.
politics, election, votes, counties, candidate


United States Government reports on consumption, production, import, and export of various fuel sources.
energy, renewable, united states, us, nuclear, fossil fuels, power


The Annual Survey of State Government Finances provides a comprehensive summary of the annual survey findings for state governments, as well as data for individual states.
finance, government, expenditure, charges, money, united states, us


Statistics for various food items
food, vitamins, minerals, health, nutrition

Food Access

Data about counties ability to access supermarkets, supercenters, grocery stores, or other sources of healthy and affordable food.
counties, states, food, access, availability, supermarket, rural, urban, population, vehicles

Global Development

Reports of country's development over time
world, countries, development, health, population, urban, rural, agriculture, infrastructure


This library holds data about employment of new graduates by major.
graduation, grads, majors, education, college, university, higher education, jobs, careers


This library holds data about reports of diseases in America.
health, diseases, infection


Records about the outpatient volume and other information for hospitals across the U.S.
hospitals, healthcare, medicare, outpatient, patient, doctor, health


Records about dams in the United States such as location, dimensions, and project information
hydropower, dams, lakes, rivers, waterways, irrigation, human consumption, industrial use, aquaculture, navigability, energy, electricity


A dataset about the immigration of foreign nationals to the United States.
immigration, naturalization, permanants, united states, us


A sampling of work-related injury and illness data from the US.
osha, united states, us, usa, government, health, safety, injury, injuries, hurt, pain, job, work, industry, career, occuptation, safety, hazard, health


Employment status of the civilian population by race, sex, and age.
labor, race, age, sex, gender, america, usa, census, employed, unemployed, employability, job, work, civilian, black, white, asian, government

Medal of Honor

This dataset has records for the awarding of the United States Medal of Honor, one of the military's highest honors.
us, usa, united states, military, combat, government, army, airforce, marines, navy, fighting, war, award, medal, honor, glory, death


The Music library is a compilation of over one million contemporary songs and information about their audio features and metadata.
music, songs, artists, creativity, media


E-book sales on Amazon, including daily and total earnings for 54,000 titles.
publishers, amazon, books, sales, genres, literature, english

Real Estate

Real estate information in the United States, including inventory, building, and customer data.
real, estate, buildings, government, building

Retail Services

Monthly sales, inventories, and inventory/sales ratios for retail trade and food services.
retail, services, government, united states, usa, us, trade, food, services

School Scores

SAT scores for students across the United States, organized by year and state.
school, education, K-12, kindergarten, learning, teaching, sat


Information about tall buildings constructed all over the world.
buildings, construction, building, skyscrapers, international, tall, height, tower


This dataset has financial records of New Orleans slave sales, 1856-1861. There are almost 16,000 sales recorded in this dataset.
slavery, slave, slaves, buyer, seller, origin, history, economics

State Crime

Records about the crime rates and totals for US states over time.
crime, burglary, larceny, motor, property, violent, assault, murder, rape, robbery

State Demographics

Demographic information for the states in the United States.
demographics, population, age, ethnicity, race, language, education, foreign, households, income, employment, unemployment, sales, land area, states

State Fragility

The State Fragility Index scores for countries around the world from 1995 to 2014
world, countries, security, politics, economy, society, effectiveness, legitimacy

Suicide Attacks

This dataset has about suicide attacks all over the world for the past three decades.
global, attack, damage, kill, hurt, destroy, pain, suffering, terror, terrorism, religion, warfare, war, car, bomb, gun, shooting

Supreme Court

This dataset contains information about supreme court cases for the several decades.
us, usa, united states, government, law, legal, court, case, supreme, judge, barrister, lawyer, federal, national


This dataset is about the Tate art collection, with metadata about paintings, drawings, sculptures, and more.
artwork, art, sculpture, tate


Weekly weather records in 2016 across the U.S.
weather, rain, snow, sleet, fog, temperature, wind, climate, environment, geology

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