Real Estate Across the United States (REXUS) is the primary tool used by PBS to track and manage the government's real property assets and to store inventory data, building data, customer data, and lease information. STAR manages aspects of real property space management, including identification of all building space and daily management of 22,000 assignments for all property to its client Federal agencies. This data set contains PBS building inventory that consists of both owned and leased buildings with active and excess status.



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Field Descriptions

Key List of... Comment Example Value
ADA Accessible String "Will Conform"
ansi usable String "97884"
city String "HARTFORD"
congressional district String "1"
county String "HARTFORD"
date String "1-Jan-33"
history.status String "National Register Listed"
history.type String "Field Not In Use"
id String "CT0013"
line 1 String "135 HIGH ST"
line 2 String " "
owned or leased String "OWNED"
parking spaces Integer number 29
region id String "1"
state String "CT"
status String "ACTIVE"
type String "BUILDING"
zip String "61031125"