This library comes from the Million Song Dataset, which used a company called the Echo Nest to derive data points about one million popular contemporary songs. The Million Song Dataset is a collaboration between the Echo Nest and LabROSA, a laboratory working towards intelligent machine listening. The project was also funded in part by the National Science Foundation of America (NSF) to provide a large data set to evaluate research related to algorithms on a commercial size while promoting further research into the Music Information Retrieval field. The data contains standard information about the songs such as artist name, title, and year released. Additionally, the data contains more advanced information; for example, the length of the song, how many musical bars long the song is, and how long the fade in to the song was.

Thierry Bertin-Mahieux, Daniel P.W. Ellis, Brian Whitman, and Paul Lamere.
The Million Song Dataset. In Proceedings of the 12th International Society
for Music Information Retrieval Conference (ISMIR 2011), 2011.


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Field Descriptions

Key List of... Comment Example Value
artist.hotttnesss Real number 0.401997543
artist.id String "ARD7TVE1187B99BFB1"
artist.name String "Casual"
artist_mbtags String ""
artist_mbtags_count Real number 0.0
bars_confidence Real number 0.643
bars_start Real number 0.58521
beats_confidence Real number 0.834
beats_start Real number 0.58521
duration Real number 218.93179
end_of_fade_in Real number 0.247
familiarity Real number 0.581793766
key Real number 1.0
key_confidence Real number 0.736
latitude Real number 37.1573567501
location String "California - LA"
longitude Real number -63.9333578685
loudness Real number -11.197
mode Integer number 0
mode_confidence Real number 0.636
release.id Integer number 300848
release.name String "Fear Itself"
similar String "ARV4KO21187FB38008"
song.hotttnesss Real number 0.60211999
song.id String "SOMZWCG12A8C13C480"
start_of_fade_out Real number 218.932
tatums_confidence Real number 0.779
tatums_start Real number 0.28519
tempo Real number 92.198
terms String "hip hop"
terms_freq Real number 1.0
time_signature Real number 4.0
time_signature_confidence Real number 0.778
title String "I Didn't Mean To"
year Integer number 0