This dataset provides data on the number and valuation of new housing units authorized by building permits. Data are available monthly at the national, regional, divisional, and state level. The data are from the Building Permits Survey. The United States Code, Title 13, authorizes this survey, provides for voluntary responses, and provides an exception to confidentiality for public records.



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Field Descriptions

Key List of... Comment Example Value
Name String "Mississippi"
Number of Permits.1 unit Integer number 789
Number of Permits.2 units Integer number 0
Number of Permits.3-4 units Integer number 4
Number of Permits.5+ units Integer number 82
Valuations.1 unit Integer number 83156
Valuations.2 units Integer number 0
Valuations.3-4 units Integer number 146
Valuations.5+ units Integer number 3169
full String The full representation of the time period for this report. The format is "Year/month". "2003/06"
month Integer number 6
month name String "June"
year Integer number 2003