Under the National Oceanic and Atmpospheric Administration, the National Weather Service provides daily weather reports for cities across the county. This is done through the use of 122 different Weather Forcast Offices throughout the country. These WFOs are responsible for the daily weather reports for serveral cities throughout their region of coverage. This data set takes the information from these WFO reports for cities across the country and summarizes it at the weekly level for all of 2016.



Download all of the following files.


This library has 1 function you can use.
(require "weather.rkt")
(get-weather false)
Additionally, some of the functions can optionally return Big Data using an extra argument. If you use this Big Data, it may be much slower. Wait until you are sure your code is correct before using these examples.
(require "weather.rkt")
; These may be slow!
(get-weather true)



Returns weather reports from the dataset.