Recent Federal policies and legislation focus on moving the nation towards a cleaner energy economy that includes developing environmentally appropriate renewable energy projects involving solar, wind and waves, geothermal, biofuels, and hydropower. The 2010 Federal Memorandum of Understanding for Hydropower and the Energy Policy Act of 2005 direct the U.S. Department of Reclamation to evaluate development of new hydropower projects at Federally-owned facilities and upgrade or rehabilitate existing hydropower generation facilities, as a contribution to the nation's clean energy goals. The following data describes the facilities currently being operated that contribute to nationwide renewable energy strategies.



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Field Descriptions

JSON Path Type Comment Example Value
[0].Identity.Project dict {u'Organization': u'Rogue River Basin', u'Year': 1965}
[0].Identity.Name unicode Agate Dam
[0].Identity.Watercourse unicode Dry Creek
[0].Identity.Project.Organization unicode Rogue River Basin
[0].Identity.Project.Year int 1965
[0].Location dict {u'Latitude': 42.4155, u'County': u'Jackson', u'State': u'Oregon', u'Longitude': -122.7723}
[0].Identity dict {u'Project': {u'Organization': u'Rogue River Basin', u'Year': 1965}, u'Name': u'Agate Dam', u'Watercourse': u'Dry Creek'}
[0].Dimensions dict {u'Structural Height': 86.0, u'Crest Elevaion': 1520.0, u'Crest Length': 3800.0}
[0].Location.Latitude float Missing values for the Latitude were imputed with a mean value of 36.278079019861529 42.4155
[0].Location.County unicode Jackson
[0].Location.State unicode Oregon
[0].Location.Longitude float Missing values for the Longitude were imputed with a mean value of -97.501892792978808 -122.7723
[0].Dimensions.Crest Length float 3800.0
[0].Dimensions.Crest Elevaion float 1520.0
[0].Dimensions.Structural Height float In feet, missing values were imputed with a mean value of 132.17 86.0