Medicare has collected data on many different hospitals throughout the country to allow users to compare the quality of these institutions before using their services. Data includes descriptions of the location of the hospitals, information about the hospitals' emergency services and type of hospital, and outpatient volume for the different wards of the hospitals.



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Field Descriptions

JSON Path Type Comment Example Value
[0].Information dict {u'Phone Number': u'7068582101', u'Type': u'Acute Care Hospitals', u'Name': u'HUTCHESON MEDICAL CENTER', u'Emergency Services': u'Yes', u'Ownership': u'Government - Hospital District or Authority'}
[0].Outpatient Volume dict Outpatient data for 2014. {u'Genitourinary': 113, u'Eye': 244, u'Nervous System': 710, u'Musculoskeletal': 76, u'Skin': 25, u'Gastrointestinal': 395, u'Cardiovascular': 14}
[0].Provider ID unicode 110004
[0].Location dict {u'City': u'FORT OGLETHORPE', u'ZIP Code': u'30742', u'Longitude': -85.263105, u'County': u'CATOOSA', u'State': u'GA', u'Address': u'100 GROSS CRESCENT', u'Latitude': 34.949143}
[0].Location.City unicode FORT OGLETHORPE
[0].Location.ZIP Code unicode 30742
[0].Location.Longitude float -85.263105
[0].Location.County unicode CATOOSA
[0].Location.State unicode GA
[0].Location.Address unicode 100 GROSS CRESCENT
[0].Location.Latitude float 34.949143
[0].Outpatient Volume.Genitourinary int 113
[0].Outpatient Volume.Eye int 244
[0].Outpatient Volume.Nervous System int 710
[0].Outpatient Volume.Musculoskeletal int 76
[0].Outpatient Volume.Skin int 25
[0].Outpatient Volume.Gastrointestinal int 395
[0].Outpatient Volume.Cardiovascular int 14
[0].Information.Type unicode Acute Care Hospitals
[0].Information.Phone Number unicode 7068582101
[0].Information.Emergency Services unicode Yes
[0].Information.Name unicode HUTCHESON MEDICAL CENTER
[0].Information.Ownership unicode Government - Hospital District or Authority