This library holds data about over Broadway shows, grouped over weeklong periods. Only shows that reported capacity were included, so the dataset stretches back to the 1990s. The dataset is made available by the Broadway League (the national trade association for the Broadway industry), and you can view the data online at http://www.broadwayleague.com/. This dataset


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Field Descriptions

JSON Path Type Comment Example Value
[0].Date.Full unicode The full date representation that this performance's week ended on in "Month/Day/Year" format. 08/26/1990
[0].Date.Day int The day of the month that this performance's week ended on. 26
[0].Date.Month int The numeric month that this performance's week ended in (1 = January, 2 = February, etc.). 8
[0].Date.Year int The year that this week of performances occurred in. 1990
[0].Statistics.Gross int The "Gross Gross" of this performance, or how much it made in total across the entire week. Measured in dollars. 134456
[0].Statistics.Performances int The number of performances that occurred this week. 8
[0].Statistics.Attendance int The total number of people who attended performances over the week. 5500
[0].Statistics.Capacity int The percentage of the theatre that was filled during that week. 88
[0].Statistics.Gross Potential int The Gross Potential is the maximum amount an engagement can possibly earn based on calculations involving ticket prices, seating capacity, and the number of performances. This number is expressed here as a percentage of what could have been achieved (Gross Gross / Gross Potential). In case the GP could not be calculated, it was replaced with 0%. 0
[0].Date dict {u'Year': 1990, u'Full': u'08/26/1990', u'Day': 26, u'Month': 8}
[0].Statistics dict {u'Gross Potential': 0, u'Gross': 134456, u'Attendance': 5500, u'Capacity': 88, u'Performances': 8}
[0].Show dict {u'Type': u'Play', u'Name': u'Tru', u'Theatre': u'Booth'}
[0].Show.Type unicode Whether it is a "Musical", "Play", or "Special". Play
[0].Show.Name unicode The name of the production. Tru
[0].Show.Theatre unicode The name of the theatre. Booth