Researchers have compiled a multi-decade database of the super-rich. Building off the Forbes World's Billionaires lists from 1996-2014, scholars at Peterson Institute for International Economics have added a couple dozen more variables about each billionaire - including whether they were self-made or inherited their wealth. (Roughly half of European billionaires and one-third of U.S. billionaires got a significant financial boost from family, the authors estimate.)



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Field Descriptions

JSON Path Type Comment Example Value
[0].wealth.how.category unicode A category representing where their money came from. Financial
[0].wealth.how.from emerging bool Whether the money came from emerging markets. True
[0].wealth.how.industry unicode The specific industry this billionaire profitted from. Money Management
[0].wealth.how.was political bool Whether the money came from politics. False
[0].wealth.how.inherited bool Whether the money was partially inherited. True
[0].wealth.how.was founder bool Whether the billionaire was the founder of their company. True
[0].demographics.gender unicode A string representing their gender. male
[0].demographics.age int The current age of the billionaire. Ages that are represented as -1 stand for ages that were not available in the data that was collected. -1
[0].wealth dict {u'worth in billions': 1.0, u'how': {u'category': u'Financial', u'from emerging': True, u'industry': u'Money Management', u'was political': False, u'inherited': True, u'was founder': True}, u'type': u'self-made finance'}
[0].company dict {u'sector': u'construction', u'founded': 1968, u'type': u'new', u'name': u'Rolaco Trading and Contracting Company', u'relationship': u'founder'}
[0].rank int The rank of this billionaire compared to the rest of the billionaires reported on. A lower rank means they make more money. 404
[0].location dict {u'gdp': 158000000000.0, u'region': u'Middle East/North Africa', u'citizenship': u'Saudi Arabia', u'country code': u'SAU'}
[0].year int The year that data about this billionaire was collected. 1996
[0].demographics dict {u'gender': u'male', u'age': -1}
[0].name unicode The name of the billionaire. Abdul Aziz Al-Sulaiman
[0].company.sector unicode The sector of the business, or what segment of the economy they fit into. construction
[0].company.founded int The year that the company was founded. 1968
[0].company.type unicode The type of business for this company. new
[0].company.name unicode The name of the company. Rolaco Trading and Contracting Company
[0].company.relationship unicode The billionaires relationship to the company. founder
[0].wealth.worth in billions float The number of billion of dollars that this billionaire is worth. 1.0
[0].wealth.how dict {u'category': u'Financial', u'from emerging': True, u'industry': u'Money Management', u'was political': False, u'inherited': True, u'was founder': True}
[0].wealth.type unicode The type of billionaire that they are. self-made finance
[0].location.gdp float The "Gross Domestic Product" of the country where the billionaire has citizenship. This is one of the primary indicators used to gauge the health of a country's economy. It represents the total dollar value of all goods and services produced over a specific time period; you can think of it as the size of the economy. 1.58e+11
[0].location.region unicode The region of the world where this billionaire lives. Middle East/North Africa
[0].location.citizenship unicode The name of the country that this billionaire has citizenship with. Saudi Arabia
[0].location.country code unicode the 3-letter country code of the country where this billionaire has citizenship. SAU