The Yearbook of Immigration Statistics is a compendium of tables that provides data on foreign nationals who, during a fiscal year, were granted lawful permanent residence (i.e., admitted as immigrants or became legal permanent residents), were admitted into the United States on a temporary basis (e.g., tourists, students, or workers), applied for asylum or refugee status, or were naturalized. The Yearbook also presents data on immigration enforcement actions, including alien apprehensions, removals, and returns. This data ranges from 2005-2014 and covers immigration from many countries.



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Begin by adding the above JAR file to your classpath. This library has 1 function you can use.
import corgis.immigration.ImmigrationLibrary;
import corgis.immigration.domain.*;
import java.util.ArrayList;

public class ExampleClass {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        // Get access to the library
        ImmigrationLibrary immigrationLibrary = new ImmigrationLibrary();
        // Access data inside the library
        ArrayList<Record> list_of_record = immigrationLibrary.getRecords();


We provide full JavaDoc for this library. Alternatively, you may refer to the below:


Returns data about immigration from all the years and countries.