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Wind Turbines BlockPy Library

From the CORGIS Dataset Project

By Dennis Kafura
Version 0.0.1, created 6/8/2019
Tags: energy, wind, power, air, turbine, utility, location, time


The Open PV Project is a collaborative effort between government, industry, and the public that continues to compile a database of available public data for photovoltaic (PV) installation data for the United States. Data for the project are voluntarily contributed from a variety of sources including solar incentive programs, utilities, installers, and the general public. This database serves as a web-based resource for users to easily explore and understand the current and past trends of the US PV industry. The data collected is actively maintained by the contributors and are always changing to provide an evolving, up-to-date snapshot of the US solar power market.

Key Descriptions

Key List of... Comment Example Value
Site.State String Two letter abbreviation of state where turbine is located (e.g., CA for California) "IA"
Site.County String County where the turbine is located. "Story County"
Year Integer Year when the turbine's project became operational 2017
Turbine.Capacity Integer Electrical generation capacity of the turbine measured in KW (kilo-watts) 3000
Turbine.Hub_Height Float Height in meters of the turbine's hub 87.5
Turbine.Rotor_Diameter Float Diameter in meters of the turbine's rotor 125.0
Turbine.Swept_Area Float The area swept on each rotation of the turbine 12271.85
Turbine.Total_Height Float Total height of the turbine, in meters 150.0
Project.Capacity Float Electrical generation capacity of the turbine measured in MW (mega-watts) 30.0
Project.Number_Turbines Integer Number of turbines in this project 10
Site.Latitude Float Latitude (decimal degrees - NAD 83 datum) of where turbine is located -93.523651
Site.Longitude Float Longitude (decimal degrees - NAD 83 datum) 42.006813