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Police Shootings BlockPy Library

From the CORGIS Dataset Project

By Dennis Kafura (kafura@vt.edu)
Version 0.0.1, created 5/31/2019
Tags: violence, crime, violent, police, shootings, race, location, time




Key Descriptions

Key List of... Comment Example Value
Person.Name String Full name of the individual or "Unknown" if not reported "Tim Elliot"
Person.Age Integer Age in years of the individual or 0 (zero) if not reported 53
Person.Gender String One of Male, Female, or Unknown "Male"
Person.Race String One of Asian, African American, White, Hispanic, Native American, Other, or Unknown. "Asian"
Incident.Date.Month Integer Month (1-12) in which the shooting occurred 1
Incident.Date.Day Integer Day (1-31) in which the shooting occurred 2
Incident.Date.Year Integer Year (2015-2019) in which the shooting occurred 2015
Incident.Date.Full String Date in which shooting occurred (Year/Month/Day) "2015/01/02"
Incident.Location.City String Name of city in which the shooting occurred "Shelton"
Incident.Location.State String Name of U.S. State in which the shooting occurred "WA"
Factors.Armed String Description of any weapon carried by the person (.e., "gun", "knife", "unarmed"); value is "unknown" if not reported. "gun"
Factors.Mental-Illness Boolean True if factors of mental illness were perceived in the person; False otherwise True
Factors.Threat-Level String Threat of person as perceived by police. One of "attack", "undetermined", or "other"; value is "unknown" if not reported. "attack"
Factors.Fleeing String Means by which person was fleeing (e.g., "Car", "Foot") or "Not fleeing"; value is "unknown" if not reported. "Not fleeing"
Shooting.Manner String Manner of person's death: one of "shot" or "shot and Tasered". "shot"
Shooting.Body-Camera Boolean True if police body camera recorded incident; False otherwise. True