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Global Development BlockPy Library

From the CORGIS Dataset Project

By Ryan Whitcomb
Version 2.0.0, created 6/28/2016
Tags: world, countries, development, health, population, urban, rural, agriculture, infrastructure


The following data contains records collected on different countries and geographic locations from 1980 - 2013 from the World Bank. Included is different data about urban development, agriculture and rural development, health, and infrastructure.

Key Descriptions

Key List of... Comment Example Value
Country String $MISSING_FIELD "Canada"
Year Integer $MISSING_FIELD 1980
Data.Health.Birth Rate Float $MISSING_FIELD 15.4
Data.Health.Death Rate Float $MISSING_FIELD 7.0
Data.Health.Fertility Rate Float $MISSING_FIELD 1.754
Data.Health.Life Expectancy at Birth, Female Float $MISSING_FIELD 78.59
Data.Health.Life Expectancy at Birth, Male Float $MISSING_FIELD 71.32
Data.Health.Life Expectancy at Birth, Total Float $MISSING_FIELD 74.8663414634146
Data.Health.Population Growth Float $MISSING_FIELD 0.997669360128831
Data.Health.Total Population Float $MISSING_FIELD 24277000.0
Data.Infrastructure.Mobile Cellular Subscriptions Float $MISSING_FIELD 0.0
Data.Infrastructure.Mobile Cellular Subscriptions per 100 People Float $MISSING_FIELD 0.0
Data.Infrastructure.Telephone Lines Float $MISSING_FIELD 9595000.0
Data.Infrastructure.Telephone Lines per 100 People Float $MISSING_FIELD 39.5623509247736
Data.Rural Development.Agricultural Land Float $MISSING_FIELD 669030.0
Data.Rural Development.Agricultural Land Percent Float $MISSING_FIELD 7.35722509789949
Data.Rural Development.Arable Land Float $MISSING_FIELD 1.82782057091074
Data.Rural Development.Arable Land Percent Float $MISSING_FIELD 4.8797439052687
Data.Rural Development.Land Area Float $MISSING_FIELD 9093510.0
Data.Rural Development.Rural Population Integer $MISSING_FIELD 5918004
Data.Rural Development.Rural Population Growth Float $MISSING_FIELD 0.833711883207287
Data.Rural Development.Surface Area Float $MISSING_FIELD 9984670.0
Data.Urban Development.Population Density Float $MISSING_FIELD 2.66970619705702
Data.Urban Development.Urban Population Percent Float $MISSING_FIELD 75.623
Data.Urban Development.Urban Population Percent Growth Float $MISSING_FIELD 1.05057823382459