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Election BlockPy Library

From the CORGIS Dataset Project

By Ryan Whitcomb
Version 2.0.0, created 6/1/2016
Tags: politics, election, votes, counties, candidate


Data about the results was collected from CNN’s 2016 election center. Each county has the breakdown of how many votes each candidate recieved in that county and what percentage of the total vote from that county that the candidate recieved. The candidate’s political party is also represented.


Key Descriptions

Key List of... Comment Example Value
Location.County String $MISSING_FIELD "Abbeville"
Location.State String $MISSING_FIELD "South Carolina"
Location.State Abbreviation String $MISSING_FIELD "SC"
Vote Data.Ben Carson.Number of Votes Integer $MISSING_FIELD 305
Vote Data.Ben Carson.Party String $MISSING_FIELD "Republican"
Vote Data.Ben Carson.Percent of Votes Float $MISSING_FIELD 8.3
Vote Data.Bernie Sanders.Number of Votes Integer $MISSING_FIELD 312
Vote Data.Bernie Sanders.Party String $MISSING_FIELD "Democrat"
Vote Data.Bernie Sanders.Percent of Votes Float $MISSING_FIELD 17.0
Vote Data.Carly Fiorina.Number of Votes Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0
Vote Data.Carly Fiorina.Party String $MISSING_FIELD "Republican"
Vote Data.Carly Fiorina.Percent of Votes Float $MISSING_FIELD 0.0
Vote Data.Chris Christie.Number of Votes Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0
Vote Data.Chris Christie.Party String $MISSING_FIELD "Republican"
Vote Data.Chris Christie.Percent of Votes Float $MISSING_FIELD 0.0
Vote Data.Donald Trump.Number of Votes Integer $MISSING_FIELD 1353
Vote Data.Donald Trump.Party String $MISSING_FIELD "Republican"
Vote Data.Donald Trump.Percent of Votes Float $MISSING_FIELD 36.9
Vote Data.Hillary Clinton.Number of Votes Integer $MISSING_FIELD 1501
Vote Data.Hillary Clinton.Party String $MISSING_FIELD "Democrat"
Vote Data.Hillary Clinton.Percent of Votes Float $MISSING_FIELD 81.8
Vote Data.Jeb Bush.Number of Votes Integer $MISSING_FIELD 236
Vote Data.Jeb Bush.Party String $MISSING_FIELD "Republican"
Vote Data.Jeb Bush.Percent of Votes Float $MISSING_FIELD 6.4
Vote Data.John Kasich.Number of Votes Integer $MISSING_FIELD 157
Vote Data.John Kasich.Party String $MISSING_FIELD "Republican"
Vote Data.John Kasich.Percent of Votes Float $MISSING_FIELD 4.3
Vote Data.Marco Rubio.Number of Votes Integer $MISSING_FIELD 740
Vote Data.Marco Rubio.Party String $MISSING_FIELD "Republican"
Vote Data.Marco Rubio.Percent of Votes Float $MISSING_FIELD 20.200000000000003
Vote Data.Martin O'Malley.Number of Votes Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0
Vote Data.Martin O'Malley.Party String $MISSING_FIELD "Democrat"
Vote Data.Martin O'Malley.Percent of Votes Float $MISSING_FIELD 0.0
Vote Data.Mike Huckabee.Number of Votes Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0
Vote Data.Mike Huckabee.Party String $MISSING_FIELD "Republican"
Vote Data.Mike Huckabee.Percent of Votes Float $MISSING_FIELD 0.0
Vote Data.No Preference.Number of Votes Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0
Vote Data.No Preference.Party String $MISSING_FIELD "N/A"
Vote Data.No Preference.Percent of Votes Float $MISSING_FIELD 0.0
Vote Data.Rand Paul.Number of Votes Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0
Vote Data.Rand Paul.Party String $MISSING_FIELD "Republican"
Vote Data.Rand Paul.Percent of Votes Float $MISSING_FIELD 0.0
Vote Data.Rick Santorum.Number of Votes Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0
Vote Data.Rick Santorum.Party String $MISSING_FIELD "Republican"
Vote Data.Rick Santorum.Percent of Votes Float $MISSING_FIELD 0.0
Vote Data.Ted Cruz.Number of Votes Integer $MISSING_FIELD 876
Vote Data.Ted Cruz.Party String $MISSING_FIELD "Republican"
Vote Data.Ted Cruz.Percent of Votes Float $MISSING_FIELD 23.9
Vote Data.Uncommitted.Number of Votes Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0
Vote Data.Uncommitted.Party String $MISSING_FIELD "N/A"
Vote Data.Uncommitted.Percent of Votes Float $MISSING_FIELD 0.0