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County Demographics BlockPy Library

From the CORGIS Dataset Project

By Ryan Whitcomb
Version 2.0.0, created 6/1/2016
Tags: demographics, population, age, ethnicity, race, language, education, foreign, households, income, employment, unemployment, sales, land area, counties


The following data set is information obtained about counties in the United States from 2007 through 2014 through the United States Census Bureau. Information described in the data includes the age distributions, the education levels, employment statistics, ethnicity percents, houseold information, income, and other miscellneous statistics.

Key Descriptions

Key List of... Comment Example Value
County String $MISSING_FIELD "Autauga County"
State String $MISSING_FIELD "AL"
Age.Percent 65 and Older Float $MISSING_FIELD 13.8
Age.Percent Under 18 Years Float $MISSING_FIELD 25.2
Age.Percent Under 5 Years Float $MISSING_FIELD 6.0
Education.Bachelor's Degree or Higher Float $MISSING_FIELD 20.9
Education.High School or Higher Float $MISSING_FIELD 85.6
Employment.Nonemployer Establishments Integer $MISSING_FIELD 2947
Employment.Private Non-farm Employment Integer $MISSING_FIELD 10120
Employment.Private Non-farm Employment Percent Change Float $MISSING_FIELD 2.1
Employment.Private Non-farm Establishments Integer $MISSING_FIELD 817
Ethnicities.American Indian and Alaska Native Alone Float $MISSING_FIELD 0.5
Ethnicities.Asian Alone Float $MISSING_FIELD 1.1
Ethnicities.Black Alone Float $MISSING_FIELD 18.7
Ethnicities.Hispanic or Latino Float $MISSING_FIELD 2.7
Ethnicities.Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander Alone Float $MISSING_FIELD 0.1
Ethnicities.Two or More Races Float $MISSING_FIELD 1.8
Ethnicities.White Alone Float $MISSING_FIELD 77.9
Ethnicities.White Alone, not Hispanic or Latino Float $MISSING_FIELD 75.6
Housing.Homeownership Rate Float $MISSING_FIELD 76.8
Housing.Households Integer $MISSING_FIELD 20071
Housing.Housing Units Integer $MISSING_FIELD 22751
Housing.Median Value of Owner-Occupied Units Integer $MISSING_FIELD 136200
Housing.Persons per Household Float $MISSING_FIELD 2.71
Housing.Units in Multi-Unit Structures Float $MISSING_FIELD 8.3
Income.Median Houseold Income Integer $MISSING_FIELD 53682
Income.Per Capita Income Integer $MISSING_FIELD 24571
Income.Persons Below Poverty Level Float $MISSING_FIELD 12.1
Miscellaneous.Building Permits Integer $MISSING_FIELD 131
Miscellaneous.Foreign Born Float $MISSING_FIELD 1.6
Miscellaneous.Land Area Float $MISSING_FIELD 594.44
Miscellaneous.Language Other than English at Home Float $MISSING_FIELD 3.5
Miscellaneous.Living in Same House +1 Years Float $MISSING_FIELD 85.0
Miscellaneous.Manufacturers Shipments Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0
Miscellaneous.Mean Travel Time to Work Float $MISSING_FIELD 26.2
Miscellaneous.Percent Female Float $MISSING_FIELD 51.4
Miscellaneous.Veterans Integer $MISSING_FIELD 5922
Population.2010 Population Integer $MISSING_FIELD 54571
Population.2014 Population Integer $MISSING_FIELD 55395
Population.Population Percent Change Float $MISSING_FIELD 1.5
Population.Population per Square Mile Float $MISSING_FIELD 91.8
Sales.Accommodation and Food Services Sales Integer $MISSING_FIELD 881
Sales.Merchant Wholesaler Sales Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0
Sales.Retail Sales Integer $MISSING_FIELD 5981
Sales.Retail Sales per Capita Integer $MISSING_FIELD 12003
Employment.Firms.American Indian-Owned Float $MISSING_FIELD 0.0
Employment.Firms.Asian-Owned Float $MISSING_FIELD 1.3
Employment.Firms.Black-Owned Float $MISSING_FIELD 15.2
Employment.Firms.Hispanic-Owned Float $MISSING_FIELD 0.7
Employment.Firms.Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander-Owned Float $MISSING_FIELD 0.0
Employment.Firms.Total Integer $MISSING_FIELD 4067
Employment.Firms.Women-Owned Float $MISSING_FIELD 31.7