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Construction Spending BlockPy Library

From the CORGIS Dataset Project

By Austin Cory Bart
Version 2.0.0, created 3/20/2016
Tags: construction, spending, us, united states, america, government, buildings, residential, non-residential, private, public


The Value of Construction Put in Place Survey (VIP) provides monthly estimates of the total dollar value of construction work done in the U.S. The United States Code, Title 13, authorizes this program. The survey covers construction work done each month on new structures or improvements to existing structures for private and public sectors. Data estimates include the cost of labor and materials, cost of architectural and engineering work, overhead costs, interest and taxes paid during construction, and contractor’s profits. Data collection and estimation activities begin on the first day after the reference month and continue for about three weeks. Reported data and estimates are for activity taking place during the previous calendar month. The survey has been conducted monthly since 1964.

Why isn’t the ‘total construction’ the sum of the other categories? It is! the trick is that the ‘residential’ and “nonresidential” categories are supposed to be below the ‘total construction’ level, and the other categories are below those two categories. This example of the data should make it more clear:

More information about the nature of the construction projects is also available.

Key Descriptions

Key List of... Comment Example Value
time.index Integer $MISSING_FIELD 1
time.month Integer $MISSING_FIELD 1
time.month name String $MISSING_FIELD "Jan"
time.period String $MISSING_FIELD "Jan2002"
time.year Integer $MISSING_FIELD 2002
annual.combined.amusement and recreation Integer $MISSING_FIELD 17866
annual.combined.commercial Integer $MISSING_FIELD 68254
annual.combined.communication Integer $MISSING_FIELD 18873
annual.combined.conservation and development Integer $MISSING_FIELD 3603
annual.combined.educational Integer $MISSING_FIELD 72357 care Integer $MISSING_FIELD 25746
annual.combined.highway and street Integer $MISSING_FIELD 62723
annual.combined.lodging Integer $MISSING_FIELD 11862
annual.combined.manufacturing Integer $MISSING_FIELD 28318
annual.combined.nonresidential Integer $MISSING_FIELD 475704 Integer $MISSING_FIELD 49140
annual.combined.power Integer $MISSING_FIELD 46050
annual.combined.public safety Integer $MISSING_FIELD 8468
annual.combined.religious Integer $MISSING_FIELD 8745
annual.combined.residential Integer $MISSING_FIELD 382979
annual.combined.sewage and waste disposal Integer $MISSING_FIELD 16392 construction Integer $MISSING_FIELD 858654
annual.combined.transportation Integer $MISSING_FIELD 25547
annual.combined.water supply Integer $MISSING_FIELD 11760
annual.private.amusement and recreation Integer $MISSING_FIELD 7822
annual.private.commercial Integer $MISSING_FIELD 63972
annual.private.communication Integer $MISSING_FIELD 18843
annual.private.conservation and development Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0
annual.private.educational Integer $MISSING_FIELD 13616 care Integer $MISSING_FIELD 20888
annual.private.highway and street Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0
annual.private.lodging Integer $MISSING_FIELD 11669
annual.private.manufacturing Integer $MISSING_FIELD 28116
annual.private.nonresidential Integer $MISSING_FIELD 263731 Integer $MISSING_FIELD 40176
annual.private.power Integer $MISSING_FIELD 42407
annual.private.public safety Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0
annual.private.religious Integer $MISSING_FIELD 8742
annual.private.residential Integer $MISSING_FIELD 377631
annual.private.sewage and waste disposal Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0 construction Integer $MISSING_FIELD 641333
annual.private.transportation Integer $MISSING_FIELD 6512
annual.private.water supply Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0
annual.public.amusement and recreation Integer $MISSING_FIELD 10044
annual.public.commercial Integer $MISSING_FIELD 4282
annual.public.communication Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0
annual.public.conservation and development Integer $MISSING_FIELD 3578
annual.public.educational Integer $MISSING_FIELD 58742 care Integer $MISSING_FIELD 4859
annual.public.highway and street Integer $MISSING_FIELD 62553
annual.public.lodging Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0
annual.public.manufacturing Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0
annual.public.nonresidential Integer $MISSING_FIELD 211973 Integer $MISSING_FIELD 8964
annual.public.power Integer $MISSING_FIELD 3643
annual.public.public safety Integer $MISSING_FIELD 8356
annual.public.religious Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0
annual.public.residential Integer $MISSING_FIELD 5348
annual.public.sewage and waste disposal Integer $MISSING_FIELD 16077 construction Integer $MISSING_FIELD 217321
annual.public.transportation Integer $MISSING_FIELD 19035
annual.public.water supply Integer $MISSING_FIELD 11412
current.combined.amusement and recreation Integer $MISSING_FIELD 1328
current.combined.commercial Integer $MISSING_FIELD 4887
current.combined.communication Integer $MISSING_FIELD 1416
current.combined.conservation and development Integer $MISSING_FIELD 271
current.combined.educational Integer $MISSING_FIELD 5125 care Integer $MISSING_FIELD 2013
current.combined.highway and street Integer $MISSING_FIELD 3180
current.combined.lodging Integer $MISSING_FIELD 989
current.combined.manufacturing Integer $MISSING_FIELD 2134
current.combined.nonresidential Integer $MISSING_FIELD 33545 Integer $MISSING_FIELD 3763
current.combined.power Integer $MISSING_FIELD 3402
current.combined.public safety Integer $MISSING_FIELD 647
current.combined.religious Integer $MISSING_FIELD 667
current.combined.residential Integer $MISSING_FIELD 25972
current.combined.sewage and waste disposal Integer $MISSING_FIELD 1150 construction Integer $MISSING_FIELD 59516
current.combined.transportation Integer $MISSING_FIELD 1729
current.combined.water supply Integer $MISSING_FIELD 846
current.private.amusement and recreation Integer $MISSING_FIELD 609
current.private.commercial Integer $MISSING_FIELD 4588
current.private.communication Integer $MISSING_FIELD 1414
current.private.conservation and development Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0
current.private.educational Integer $MISSING_FIELD 1000 care Integer $MISSING_FIELD 1629
current.private.highway and street Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0
current.private.lodging Integer $MISSING_FIELD 972
current.private.manufacturing Integer $MISSING_FIELD 2117
current.private.nonresidential Integer $MISSING_FIELD 19701 Integer $MISSING_FIELD 3066
current.private.power Integer $MISSING_FIELD 3129
current.private.public safety Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0
current.private.religious Integer $MISSING_FIELD 667
current.private.residential Integer $MISSING_FIELD 25572
current.private.sewage and waste disposal Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0 construction Integer $MISSING_FIELD 45273
current.private.transportation Integer $MISSING_FIELD 444
current.private.water supply Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0
current.public.amusement and recreation Integer $MISSING_FIELD 719
current.public.commercial Integer $MISSING_FIELD 299
current.public.communication Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0
current.public.conservation and development Integer $MISSING_FIELD 268
current.public.educational Integer $MISSING_FIELD 4126 care Integer $MISSING_FIELD 384
current.public.highway and street Integer $MISSING_FIELD 3168
current.public.lodging Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0
current.public.manufacturing Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0
current.public.nonresidential Integer $MISSING_FIELD 13844 Integer $MISSING_FIELD 697
current.public.power Integer $MISSING_FIELD 273
current.public.public safety Integer $MISSING_FIELD 637
current.public.religious Integer $MISSING_FIELD 0
current.public.residential Integer $MISSING_FIELD 400
current.public.sewage and waste disposal Integer $MISSING_FIELD 1127 construction Integer $MISSING_FIELD 14243
current.public.transportation Integer $MISSING_FIELD 1285
current.public.water supply Integer $MISSING_FIELD 826